Weekend Alone

JLXR + Arthur Kody


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the story behind the song

Sometimes I hate that we live in a day and age when everyone is expected to be reachable all the time. I miss the “good old days” when we weren’t always glued to our phone screens. It’s nice to disconnect every once in awhile - and that’s exactly what “Weekend Alone” is about. In this collaboration with JLXR, I croon about craving some alone time every now and then. I don’t think it’s healthy to expect yourself to be connected all the time. So, don't be afraid to unplug for a bit. I've found that solitude is my best therapist...


by Arthur Kody

I hate that I am expected to be so connected all of the time. I remember when I could just be with myself and my mind. But, now I check in to let everyone know that I’m fine - even if I’m not really fine.

But, sometimes I wanna be lonely. Sometimes I wanna smash up my phone. Sometimes I don’t want the world to own me. ‘Cause in a pixel-perfect world, sometimes I need a weekend alone.

Drowning in the static. Killing time’s a habit. I lie in bed and fill my head with memories I haven’t had yet. Tying to live in the moment. But it’s hard when I don’t own it. I think I just need time alone and maybe I’ll zone in on why I’m so broken.

favorite lyric

"In a pixel-perfect world, sometimes I need a weekend alone."

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