Hey, you!

Firstly, I wanted to thank you for your support of me and my art. I have been working toward this dream for over 14 years and I never would have had the stamina to keep going were it not for the love and encouragement all around me. Thank you for playing such an important part in my journey as an artist.

I'm pretty sure I must have hit my 10,000 hour mark on my craft because I can finally say I'm proud of the music I'm making lately. This past year, I saw real progress in my music career - I wrote 43 new songs, collaborated with artists all around the world, signed my first few tracks to record labels, and hit my first million streams - I really showed up hard! But, the highlight was having random strangers find me online and say "your song was EXACTLY what I needed to hear - thank you!". I caught a glimpse of how my talents best serve the world and how my songs can give words to other people's stories and struggles. It was incredibly eye opening.

Despite 2020 being an absolute shit-show for the world, it's been an invigorating year for me and I have no intention of slowing down any time soon. I've had my eye on this dream for as long as I can remember and I know I'll be at it until I leave this body. Being able to create and share my art with others brings me more joy than anything. Which is why I'm asking for your support today...

Asking for help is rarely easy. But, it's a tricky life, living as an artist. Most artists spend their lives whoring out their creativity on commission work in order to pay their rent while a select few find the favor of investors that like to stick their fingers in the art and make it more "profitable". I don't really dig either option. So, I'm launching my own content subscription service!

Subscribers will get free downloads, early access to new releases, sneak peeks at works in progress, unreleased tracks, access to exclusive merch, and plenty more goodies I'll be revealing in my biweekly subscriber newsletter. I see this as the best way to bring the most value to my loyal supporters, while also continuing to have the time and financial freedom to focus on the art I feel most called to create.

I wrestled with the price of the subscription for quite awhile. After all, it's impossible to quantify what my art is worth to someone else - let alone everyone else. In the end, I decided to let you decide. If you wanna give me $5/month, thanks for buying me my pre-recording coffee! If you wanna do $50, I'll grab that new synthesizer software I've been eyeing. And, if you wanna gimme $500 every month...well...then you've moved from "sponsor" to "sugar daddy" haha. But, if you've ever gotten value from my music, I would really appreciate if you would sign up for a monthly subscription to help me make more of it!

You can obviously cancel at any time, but I hope you stick around for the long haul. I pinky promise to constantly be thinking of new ways to bring more value to my supporters. Plus, I'll be using your cash to fund even more cool audio/visual projects that I wouldn't have been able to without your help! So, if you want to help me out and receive a ton of "insider content", please click the button at the bottom of this page and sign up with whatever dollar amount you feel comfortable with. Just don't forget to make it a monthly contribution - otherwise you'll miss out on all the great stuff I already have planned to share with you!

Again, thank you for your time, energy, love, encouragement, and support. I can truly say that this is what I was meant to do with my life. And, how lucky am I that I get to do it?! I get to use my musical talents to help people. To give words to their story, to give them the message they need to hear at just the right time, to help them not feel so alone in their struggles, or - at the very least - just give 'em something to dance to! Without a doubt, this is how I bring the most value to the world. And, this subscription service will allow me to make even more of my own tunes, create stunning visuals and videos, and - most importantly - scale my efforts so my songs can reach all the people who need to hear them.

Thank you for helping me bring my gifts into the world.

Much love,

Arthur Kody

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