Into the Stars

GARRY B + Miscris + Arthur Kody


Dive Deeper

the story behind the song

Have you ever felt what it’s like to not know if you’re dating someone? I had been spending quite a lot of time with someone I met on Tinder awhile back, but I wasn’t sure which direction the relationship was going. They seemed pretty hesitant to get too close too fast so I delayed the DTR (define the relationship) talk as long as possible. But, one night outside a nightclub, I got a little bit of clarity on where things stood. Pretty tipsy (okay…very tipsy…) and with our inhibitions lowered, we macked pretty hard outside the club. We didn’t care who was watching. I’m not too proud to admit it, but we were at the point of having to hold each other to stay balanced. But, we both felt this deep connection and just kind of let the world slip away. And, for a brief second, I swear we fell off the Earth and into the stars.

This track marks my first 3-way-collaboration with two amazing producers (GARRY B and Miscris). And, insider info: I’ve already started working on 1 more track with each of them - so, you can expect a couple more bangers like this one in the near future!


by Arthur Kody

We start to fade into the night. We're bending and blurring the lines. And, I find Jade deep in your eyes. And, I feel you deep inside mine.

Well, we’re getting lost in time together. Been needing clarity on what you think we are. Then, you wrap my arms around your sweater. We collide and fall into the stars.

We fall into the stars.

We unravel our composure. Using our gravity to pull each other closer. And the earth could disappear. We wouldn’t even care that it’s just you and me left here.

Getting lost in time together. Been needing clarity on what you think we are. So, let’s forget about forever. Let’s collide and fall into the stars.

We fall into the stars.

favorite lyric

"We unravel our composure. Using our gravity to pull each other closer."

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