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the story behind the song

I deal with my fair share of anxiety. Well...a bit more than my fair share if I'm being honest. Dealing with panic attacks on a regular basis is definitely not pleasant, but it can also be a drain on those around me. I wrote Hush as a letter to my partner, Skyler. He often has no clue what to say to calm me down when I'm deep in the anxiety spiral. But, I've found that he speaks so much more with his touch. Anxiety hits me hardest when I'm too focused on the future. So, when he holds me tight and grounds me back in the present, it really helps me slow my breathing and clear my mind. I'm so damn grateful for him!

Hush was actually one of my first collaborations with another producer (the very talented Alex Agranovich). It just took us quite awhile to get this bad boy finished and ready for your ears haha! Check out his Instagram, Spotify, or Apple Music to hear more of his tunes! Also, pretty awesome: Hush was my first track ever to be signed to a label! Thanks, Swutch Music!


by Arthur Kody

I know that I’m a mess right now. And you don’t know what to say. So you don’t make a sound. But in your arms, I melt away.

I always have a hundred reasons why I’m not okay. You always try to talk me out of why I feel this way. But you know that I’m cursed. You bite your tongue ‘cause you’re makin’ it worse. And sure, I wish you said all the words - all the words that I needed to hear. And sure, I wish that you would just learn that my oldest friend is my fear.

But hold me tighter and hush. Bring me your body, put it all on me, and talk with your touch. Hush. Give me a taste. Hands on my waist and your lips are my crutch. Hush. There's only so many phrases to use. I'm already bruised. You already proved that words don't mean too much so, just hush.

Afraid I’m tryin’ to tank this. I’m feelin’ anxious. I wanna run. But I am not thankless, walkin’ the plank. Kiss me, ‘cause I know you’re the one who soaks up my manic and deals with the panic and gets all the bliss with the shit. But when I'm down, I'm so damn grateful that I have you to pull me out of it.

favorite lyric

"I wish that you would just learn that my oldest friend is my fear."

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