Wanna collab?

I'm always looking for new, talented producers to work with. But, before we get started, I'd appreciate if you took a second to get to know me a bit better! Below, I've answered some FAQs, outlined my typical process, and shared my expectations for collaborating. Read it over and, if it all looks good to you, send your track to the email at the bottom of the page - I'll give it a listen and get back to ya. I look forward to working with you soon!



How I roll

my background

I've been writing music ever since I can remember (seriously, I remember composing songs using the ocarina on Zelda for the '64). And, even though I've been mainly looking for collaborations that use my songwriting and vocal skills lately, I have over 14 years of production experience. I have produced for several artists across genres ranging from "crunk hip hop" to "singer-songwriter with a ukulele" and I've even composed for television and film. But, I consider my best gift to be telling stories through my lyrics and melodies.

My Style

I'm comfortable working in a wide variety of genres, but my favorite projects are the ones that push my creativity the most. When it comes to songwriting, I tend to bleed my emotions into each track I work on. I feel like vulnerability and honesty are the key to writing a song that really connects with listeners. So, I tend to dive deep - using my own experiences to tell raw stories that people can relate to. I don't care too much for doing covers unless I really resonate with the lyrics. But, I do love crafting original and catchy hooks!

My Motto

"Quality is key" is one of my core mottos. As a professional musician (yep, this is what I do full time to bring home the bacon!), I take my music seriously. I mean, not TOO seriously - I've gotta leave room for the creativity to flow. But, when it comes to my brand, I like to make sure every interaction my listeners have with me is top-shelf. That's why I'm hands-on when it comes to the visuals and promotion of each project. I design most of my album covers and I even built this website! The point is: if I'm going to take on a project, I'm gonna pour my soul into it to make sure every aspect is high quality. And, I expect the same from my collaborators. Life's too short to make bad music!

My Goal

Of course there's the "lottery dream" of getting rich and famous, but my main goal is just to be able to have the time and resources to create the art I want to bring into the world. Collaborations are a great tool to get there! I see collabs as a great way to network, grow both our followings, and boost each others careers. I don't just wanna slap some vocals onto your track - I want to develop a partnership and see how we can leverage our own clout to help each other out. It's a tricky industry to navigate, so it definitely helps to have friends to help us reach our goals together!

My Vibe

Although I can be pretty particular, I'm actually really laid back when it comes to the creative process. I like getting to know my collaborators and finding our own groove with how we can best work together. I like to keep things organized and efficient because the drive can really fizzle out if you leave a project sitting for a month or two! I value open and honest communication, and I want both of us to work together to make something better than either of us could have made on our own. If you think we'd make a good team, keep on reading to learn more about my typical process and expectations.

My Process


Once I get your instrumental, I'll write and record a rough demo and send it your way. Typically I'll have the demo back to you within 2 weeks, but this time estimate can fluctuate based on my current workload and availability. I prefer to write lyrics to an existing instrumental. I rarely have random lyrics just sitting around. Plus, I want to make sure my vocals perfectly fit the music, so I like to start with a pretty finalized backing track. I don't like when producers change up the music too much after I've sent them the vocal mix because I tailor my performance to each instrumental so as to capture the right vibe to make it feel like a cohesive song.


After you give the demo a listen, we'll discuss any changes you'd like and then I'll schedule studio time to record the final vocals. When I record, I'll make sure to get tons of doubles, harmonies, and adlibs for you to work with as well. I'll also process all the vocals for pitch and timing to make sure everything is aligned and sounding great. I'll provide you with a final vocal mix that you'll be able to plug right into your track, but I'll also provide you with all the dry stems in case you'd like to make any changes or mix them in yourself.


Once you have the final master ready, and we're both happy with how it sounds, I can help you pitch it to labels (or release it on my own label) and develop a promotion plan for the track. Unless the label supplies artwork, I typically prefer to design the cover and then we'll get it scheduled for release! I'll also create content for my social media to help promote the song, just as long as I have at least 4 weeks notice to fit it into my content calendar. Once our track is out, we'll (hopefully) move onto the next song while we rake in the royalties!

My Expectations

You'll stay awesome

I expect that you'll do your part to make our collaboration as amazing as possible! I don't believe in cutting corners - and I hope you don't either. I want our project to be equally as important to both of us. And, I want us both to put in the time and effort to make an amazing track! I also expect to have my creative input valued, not just as a vocalist, but also as a seasoned music producer. I expect the mix to be high-quality and the master to really fill up those speakers. So, just let me know if there's anything else I can do to help you make our track truly bump!

4 weeks notice

Since my social media content is planned out 4 weeks in advance, I need at least 4 weeks heads up before we schedule a track for release. I'll need the final master and the sign-off on the artwork so I can create promotional graphics and get everything scheduled on my end. I like to give each track plenty of time in the spotlight, so if we can set a release date together that gives enough time to promote our collab properly, that would be ideal. Plus, I don't want to get into any issues with record labels (i.e. if I have another signed track coming out on the same day as ours, that may be a breach of contract with both labels). With ample time, we'll be able to give our track the best chance of getting heard.

My Rates

My standard rates are pretty straightforward: $300 plus 25% of the royalties. I require $150 to begin working on a collab and the remaining $150 gets paid once I have the final vocal stems ready for you. I accept these payments through Venmo or PayPal.

I charge this fee partly because it costs money to record on good equipment, but also because it ensures my collaborators are going to be invested in our project and aren't just dicking around. But, I am open to working with you to find a payment/royalty arrangement that we're both comfortable with. So, please don't hesitate to get in touch with any alternatives you may have in mind!

Sound good?

If this all sounds good to you, please shoot me an email with your real name, artist name, social media links, and an MP3 of the instrumental you think I would be a good fit for!


Love my tunes?

Text me to stay in the know!

I pour my heart, soul, time, and money into each song I create because I truly love sharing my art with you. But, if you dig my music, please consider sending me a few dollars on Venmo so I can keep creating tracks like this! xoxo