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Dive Deeper

the story behind the song

Most people think all Capricorns are just tight-ass workaholics. I mean, they aren’t wrong…The taste of achievement is just too tempting for most Caps. We dream big while we remain grounded; and that’s why, if you want something done right, give it to a Capricorn. I’ve always been into astrology (I’m pretty “woo” like that) and, with this song, I got to have a lot of fun highlighting my cocky side. Warning - there is some adult language, so make sure to put on headphones if you have little ones around. If you want to hear what I have to say about your sign, check it out! And don’t forget to share it with all your Capricorn friends!

A huge shoutout goes to Graham Nickelson for helping me polish up the mix and get it ready for your ears. Check him out here!


by Arthur Kody

You think I’m stone cold, but here’s the deal: I’m ruthless - I won’t stop until I get my fuckin’ fill. ‘Cause I’m driven to succeed - driven by success. And, when it comes to anything, Capricorns do it best. ‘Cause we’re oh, so get up and go. We ain’t got time to be sentimental. And we’re all fight. Day/night - keeping it 100 all of the time. And, all of the time you just copy. Or even try to stop me. But, I’m not being cocky...I’m just a Capricorn.

Hey! I love to see the faces when I’m walking by the basics ‘cause I’m bold and ostentatious. I’m hot shit, and you’re vanilla (so hellacious). In my Onitsuka Asics, I’m the mutha fuckin’ greatest. I’m a C.A.P. (too honest, but I’m organized), an R.I.C. (grounded with my goals set high), O.R.N. (sorry your ceiling’s my floor). I just can’t help it ‘cause I’m a fuckin’ Capricorn.

I’m sweet as cherry pie. And, I’m loyal as fuck. But, if you cross me, you should know I make my own kind of luck. One part charisma. One part confidence and class. For being so predictable, I love to switch it up on your...butt. You love to tell us that we’re too responsible. Well, it’s true. But, all my Cap chaps could probably party circles round you. We can let loose (sometimes), and we can have fun. ‘Cause it can be so stressful always being number one.

So, what about you? You a Capricorn too? Show me your sign and I’ll tell how you do. One thing about Caps is that we never miss. Sit back and relax and let’s go down our list. Virgos are tasty, but Libras are crazy. Pices are mushy, but Taurus could date me. Aquarius don’t give a shit what you think. Call up an Aries if you’re into kink. Geminis on the fly changing their mind. And, Scorpio’s the most intense you will find. Cancer’s out back, probably having a cry, and Sagittarius will gladly tell you why. Last but not least is the ego of Leo. But, none of ‘em go to the places that we go. We may come off boring, but we’re never bored. If you want it done right, leave it to a Capricorn.

Where my Capri-girls? Where my Cap chaps at?

favorite lyric

"I'm not being cocky...I'm just a Capricorn."

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