Away From Me

Nemesis + Emilyn + Arthur Kody


Dive Deeper

the story behind the song

Nemesis and Emilyn had been working on this track for awhile before I jumped on board, but I was so happy to be asked to write and sing part of the duet! The song tells the story of Emilyn's first relationship and how, even though they knew they weren't good for each other, they still kept up the cycle of breaking up, getting back together, breaking up, etc. I had to place myself inside their story in order to write my verse and the final bridge, but I really love how our voices complement each other as they overlap.

Overall, the song is about being so romantically involved with someone that it feels impossible to move on with anyone else. Like they've taken your heart and sealed it away from you.

This song is signed to ARWV Records.


By Emilyn + Arthur Kody

I saw the letters left on the counter. I tried so hard to keep away. But I couldn’t help it. I let him get to me. Couldn’t help but try to understand. There’s a reason I don’t answers calls and drive you up the wall. I overthink ’til 4am. If you share my sentiment, then I pray it’s not too late yet - for me to give my everything.

I have been feeling so uncomfortable. Why is everything so out of my control? I don’t know if I can take it. You’ve taken my heart and you’ve sealed it away from me.

Did you see the letters I left on the counter? I tried so hard to keep away. But you know I felt it. I knew that you would be the one who always stayed. And there’s a reason that I call too much and hold you in my clutch and overthink ’til 4am. But I know you’re heaven-sent and I pray it’s not too late yet - for me to give you everything.

Everything that you want. Everything that I need. The thing about us is we never were free. Cuz you’re gripping my heart. With you I learned how to breathe. When we’re falling apart, we’re too wrapped in the seams. You sealed my heart away from me.

Favorite Lyric

"You're gripping my heart - with you I learned how to breathe. When we're falling apart, we're too wrapped in the seams."

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